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Our Service Options

We provide an array of services to meet each of our client’s specific needs

Outsourced Recruiting Services

A new method of recruiting that is on average 5-16 times more affordable than the average staffing agency. We find the perfect employees for your business, all you have to do is interview and hire them. Start for just $1.

Affordable Head Hunting Services

We find the best employee for your business in 2-4 weeks guaranteed. We handle all parts of the hiring processes including advertising & interviewing all candidates. Our services are so effective that our price is half the average headhunting fee and we only get paid if you hire your perfect employee.

Most Businesses Are Struggling Because Of Staffing Shortages

  • Hard To Find The Right People
  • Not Enough Applicants
  • Big Turnover Rates
  • Huge Time Soak To Handle Hiring

Don’t Run Yourself In Circles Trying To Staff Your Business

What If One Phone Call Could Solve All Of Your Hiring Troubles?

We Make Hiring Fast & Easy

  • Our services can get you qualified employees in 2-4 weeks
  • Our vetting process gets you hires you can be confident in
  • Never worry about staffing troubles ever again

Why Trust Us?

50+ Years In The Industry.

Some Of Our Partners: 

Sodexo has 422,000 employees.

ASM Global has 2,686 employees.

Aramark has 215,000 employees.

Centerplate has 3,750 employees.

HCA Healthcare has 280,000 employees.

SCL Health has 15,000 employees.

Why Us?

Best Price Guaranteed

We guarantee that no other US based staffing agency will beat our service prices.

Cutting Edge Staffing Solutions

We pioneered a new method of recruiting to get the most qualified candidates possible and to our surprise, not only were we able to get the best applicants available, we were also able to get the costs for our clients down by 84.3% and build a staffing solution that is on average 5-16 times more affordable than the average staffing agency.

Get Your Dream Staff In 2-4 Weeks

With our proven systems, we are able to the most qualified candidates in 2-4 weeks for your business. Guaranteed. On average we help our clients hire 500+ new employees per month.  

Your Hiring Partner

Solutions are crafted to best match the standards and culture of every client’s business and needs. Our clients look at us as their turnkey hiring and HR department.

Start For Just $1

Would you trade $1 for your first hire with us? We are so confident in our services that we will start working on your first hire for just $1. Don’t believe us? Schedule a call and we’ll show you why.  

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Staffing your business can be complicated, but we make it simple and easy. Get a qualified & rock solid staff in these 3 easy steps.


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